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  • Chris Farlie

Vic Allen - Drive Thru

Those unfamiliar with Vic's "Missing Piece" EP may be quite shocked at her fronting an electric guitar driven combo and if that's the case then settle yourselves down before playing her latest single and listen to "Bird Of Prey", as it is something she has done previously.

In all seriousness, it would not surprise us here at #TEAMw21 if Vic one day does end up fronting such a band she certainly sounds at ease on "Drive Thru" her latest single which opens to a crescendo of drums guitars and backing vocals from Vic herself telling us "I fell in love that night"

It's a song that was starting to feature in her live set pre pandemic, a tale of finding love in the unlikeliest of places, ie a McDonalds "Drive Thru". When played solo even with Vic's most expressive guitar playing a lot seems to hang on the "I fell in love ..." line to make it believable however with a full band, the song just seems to fully capture the impetuousness of youth - of living for the moment where anything is possible!

The lyrics exude the whole spirit of impromptu decision making and Vic's delivery perfectly sell the feelings being experienced

"I didn't know you at all but you caught me with those eyes - you put your hand in mine"

The whole love at first sight experience seems to sharpen both the senses and emotions

"I never laughed so hard and watched the stars shine like they were brand new" the astronomical theme flowing through to the later line where Viv describes herself as a "Starry eyed girl" totally captured in the moment.

It all goes to make a furiously paced single just like someone falling head over heels in love. As ever with a Vic Allen song there is a lot of attention paid to the backing vocals which certainly give an extra dimension to the second half of the tune. Vic continues her run of excellent singles and having heard some of her as yet unreleased material there is plenty more to come from this ever developing songwriter.

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