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  • Chris Farlie

Tim Prottey-Jones - Buckle & Boots 2021 - The Paddock Stage

Maybe it was the gradual realisation starting to sink in that the festival was coming to a close but there seemed to be an awful lot of love in the tent for Tim Prottey-Jones mixed with a sense of expectation, before he had even settled down to play a note. With a band packing the stage that looked so youthful that you wondered if they had done their homework before being allowed out, they managed to allow Tim's newly released songs to breathe in a live environment.

With Tim centre stage armed with an acoustic guitar, very musch staning on his front foot, they kicked off with the latest single "Fire", the quieter verses soon sparked up into something of a wall of sound chorus. Tim was clearly loving it and was on a mission to squeeze as much material as he could into his set.

When "Bite The Bullet", Tim's debut solo single came out, i'll confess that I really wasn't sure this was a wise move given that his production work was going so well, now months down the line, it seems inconceivable to have even had such doubts, for in front of us Tim was looking every inch the front man and the song in a live environment seemed to take on a new persona.

With Jake Morell scouring the tent, filming like a Sky News camera man, it was time for Tim to launch into the single that they co wrote, "A Good Life", in our view Tim's finest hour to date, matching strong lyrics to a mighty chorus to show what UK country can produce at its best. A big real drum intro took us into "Love On Our Side" which did come with some less than authentic robotic drumming at one point, however that slight glitch aside, it did come with a powerful chorus letting Romeo & Juliet rub shoulder with Bonnie & Clyde.

There was a little tease as it seemed that Tim was about to bring out someone to play the Stephanie Quayle role on the big balled "Until I Do". In the end it was to prove to be a solo performance but that did not stop Tim going for those big notes in something of an epic performance. Tim was to ditch the guitar for the next song which came with a power chorus chant that the crowd were more than happy to take up and run with. once again Tim was firing out some ferocious vocals that may have surprised some - possibly even himself - it ended with him asking for an inhaler"!

Tim Prottey-Jones will be appearing at Country In The Afternoon in September at the Half Moon Putney on the 11th September along with his roving camera man Jake Morrel, the ever wonderful Lisa Wright & the missing B&B Paddock Stage headliner Em/elle for what looks to be an unmissable afternoon of entertainment - we'll certainly be there!!

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