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  • Chris Farlie

Tim Prottey-Jones - A Good Life

We have to admit when Tim's first single "Bite The Bullet" dropped we were a little confused. Why would someone who has become the Phil Spector of the UK Americana scene ( minus the wig, the guns and the murder rap of course ) producing exceptionally well crafted quality pop country songs turn out something that was trying a little too hard to sound American. Perhaps it was just to soon and to big a leap for us to accept him as the unlikely UK Blake Shelton!!

This time round it is a totally different story - everything seems just a little more well suited and in a contrast to many records Tim has something pertinent to say right from the opening line. Perhaps the influence of co writer Jake Morrell has helped ground this is in a more UK perspective, it certainly sits a lot easier and has a much more accessible sound.

"Are we living in a world where being mean to strangers is ok?

As long as they don't see your face and they don't know your name"

Written over a year ago partly inspired by the Caroline Flack affair but sadly it could of been inspired at any time over the last few years and with the subject still riding high in the news headlines, with keyboard warriors seemingly given free reign to vent vile abuse with little fear of comeback, that opening salvo seems very much the voice of reason.

If one half of this song deals with internet abuse the other looks at what makes a "Good Life" and the chorus seems a universal wish that everyone can dream for

"A little money in the bank that we could have

Our own little place on a piece of land

A love in my heart. holding little hands"

Leading to the pay off line that surely should be a guide to us all

"If nothing else be kind - and live a good life"

The overall sound this time is a lot less mechanical, the real instruments shining through and Tim's production ear used to full effect on the excellent backing vocals and the occasional guitar strums brought to the fore at just the right moment. Let's also face facts as well, Tim does possess a pretty outstanding voice that probably never got as much chance to shine when he was Wandering in his previous incarnation. All in all an outstanding single.

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