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  • Chris Farlie

Tilly Christiansson - All The Ways you Could Die!

One of our favourite songs of 2021 was undoubtedly TIlly Christiansson's "Whiskey Hotel You" as heartbreaking a song as you could ever wish to hear, her visit to the Fifth Floor vaults was an undoubted success. It should be remembered that Fifth Floor were as liable to break you heart as they were to make you smile with titles like "You're Still Ugly (with my glasses off)!" and Tilly is opening her account for 2022 with a barbed number that predates her time with the band, though was written in London.

With the somewhat graphic title of "All The Ways You Could Die" the lyrics more than adequately speak for themselves, little analysis is required. The vitriol of the words is poured out in a most measured joyous way over a cheerfully upbeat country tune of Tilly's guitar and a drum backbeat complete with a guitar solo.

"I don't care if you fall over a steep cliff edge

Or if you take a leak on an electric fence

If you ran with scissors, slipped and fell

If the ground opened up and took you straight to hell"

There is something quite touching when for the most fleeting of milliseconds TIlly considers if she is being reasonable before announcing that there really is no coming back in this relationship

"I know it's not fair cause your Mom would cry

But all i'm thinking about is all the way ways you could die"

It's an absolute joy from beginning to end and is a reminder to all folks never to cross a songwriter!!!

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