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  • Chris Farlie

The tale of Thorne Hill & Graveyard Shift !!

One of the benefits of artists doing their own lock down shows is the ability to make a request which gave #TEAMw21 a chance to get to hear one of our longest outstanding requests. For some time the very name Thorne Hill was something of a mystery occupying a box in the C2C programme of 2014 but who rarely if ever played the capital.

In the end curiosity got the better of us and we purchased "Tomorrow" an EP of 5 songs just to hear what he sounded like. The song that immediately stood out was "Graveyard Shift". the tale of a man working through the night in a dead end job in a dead town. It was a formative step in Thorne's songwriting career but we've always had a soft spot for it at #TEAMw21 Towers.

Thorne Hill subsequently returned with a bang with his excellent "No More Holding Back" album and a host of live shows including a spectacular Buckle & Boots set that established him as something of a fantastic showman. For his performances whether small and acoustic at say The Troubadour or with a full band at a festival he never gives less than 110% but for years we have gently tried to cajole him into playing a live version of "Graveyard Shift" to no avail.

Until tonight!!!

For many Thorne Hill fans watching, this was their first time to savour this hidden gem and the response was exceptional with many wondering why they had not heard this lost classic before. Let's hope it's not another 5 years or so before we hear it again.

Now about that overdue new record ???..............

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