The Rising - When You Were Mine

If "Stars In Their Eyes" was still running, you can easily imagine Chris & Chantelle of The Rising going on with their latest single "When You Were Mine" and saying "Matthew - Tonight we are going to be Blondie" and they would probably have won!!

Opening to a pair of new wave, power pop guitars and some Clem Burke style machine gun drumming, the Blondie comparison seems a fair one to draw.

The song itself is a cautionary warning of falling for a friend, a line that once crossed is hard to uncross. At the opening there is something of a frisson in the air

"Arrive at yours after dark

Already know there’s a spark

It’s just you and me in an attic room

Trying not to get lost in the mood"

By the time the high tempo chorus kicks in though there is a realisation that "It ruined everything we had". the chorus also sees Chantelle gamefully stretch out the word "Mine" into about 5 syllables, more "Mi-i-i-i-ne" in a way that only pop songs can.

The fall out from all of this reveals itself later

"Even though those nights

Were like a dream to me

The only place I see you now is memories

We crossed the line"

It's probably not the most testing bit of guitar work that Chris has ever done but I imagine it's huge fun making quite so much noise, and top marks to Chantelle for matching it with her vocals right through to the punky sudden ending. This is great fun and should go down well at their summer festival appearances.

When You Were Mine is released 20th May

Upcoming Live Dates

4thJune–Buckle & Boots Festival (Paddock Stage)

16thJuly–Tenneesse Fields Festival (Mainstage)

3rdSept –The British Country Music Festival

Every Monday –Facebook Live Show (Live on@therisingofficial)

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