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  • Chris Farlie

The Last Southern Ghost - Explosions In My Mind

We're not entirely sure if The Last Southern Ghost are a band or a project but it is certainly the brain child of front man Andy Morse. He immediately caught our attention with a list of influences, a history of playing with #TEAMw21 favourites Sam Lewis and Ferris & Sylvester and the presence on this recording of pedal steel supremo CJ Hillman.

"Explosions In My Head" delivers with an array of jangling guitars, and the dramatic opening line

"I got explosions in my head -

there's nothing I can do to change

Missed every shot I ever took

Cos I was always out of range"

There is a marvellous counterpoint between the joyous music being played and the darkness and frustration in the lyrics such as on the chorus

"I can't let go - and I'm tired of it all"

It all leaves the singer questioning himself "How can I stand tall?"

This leads to more self contemplation

"Maybe this madness is all I know

Tied to the sadness and the fights I've thrown"

The music is exemplary from the driving drum beat, the wonderful guitar sounds through to CJ Hillman's pedal steel that seems to effortlessly cut through the track, which is undoubtedly a superior piece of Americana.

Definitely an intriguing introduction to The Last Southern Ghost and we'll be looking out for more.

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