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  • Chris Farlie

Sasha Mc Veigh - Mama ( Linda's Song) / Fine Time

Anyone who ever caught one of Sasha McVeigh's tours around the UK, would surely have come across Sasha's Mum, and quite probably a four legged companion as well, who was ever present at her shows. Well now courtesy of her daughter she now has her own song and a fitting tribute it is as well.

It begins where else but at the beginning - and along with the cover picture we get a lyrical breakdown of events

"6:20 on a Wednesday in the March of 94

That was the day you became mine and I became yours

A little girl with big dreams, I grew up with quite a few

You do everything you could to make them all come true"

The options were there to go overly scmaltzy but Sasha has opted for heartfelt honesty instead and the song is all the better for that. The instrumentation is very subtle with Sasha's guitar to the fore, the supporting flourishes of keyboards, drum machine and ambient noises fill out the sound but leave Sasha very much centre stage.

You are the wind beneath my wings, the very reason that I breathe

The onle one that truly understands and believes in me

When I'm blinded by the darkness, you're the light that guides me through

You're my best friend, my hero, my world - Mama"

The second verse sees some real drums kick in, as Sasha lays out why she thinks so highly of her Mater reaching the conclusion

"I don't know what i'd do without you"

The bridge is a nice summing of the relationship and also a recognition that as time passes their roles will begin to reverse. It's subtly done and is a tribute to Sasha's songwriting.

No matter what life throws our way - we face it together

Cos there's no love greater than between a mother and a daughter

Even when the road gets rough and you feel you can't go on

I'll always be beside you, holding your hand- keeping you strong"

With her singing in fine form, Sasha should feel justifiably proud of this effort.

While speaking of "fine" things, it seems that Sasha has been pumping out singles quicker that we can kick up with them so let's give full credit to "Fine Line" another storming single from our export to Nashville!

If "Mama" was subtle this is Sasha getting in your face with a big full on band production. It finds Sasha getting in after a night out to see her phone light up.

Part of me just got excited

Part of me still wants to fight it

Tell you to go to hell

I can't help myself"

But its a complicated relationship as the title explains

"There's a fine line between I love you and I hate you"

It has a full on screeching guitar solo and manages to hit all the spots to make this another cracking song in the McVeigh repertoire.

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