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  • Chris Farlie

Rob Jones & The Restless Dream - Cut So Deep

Some times it seems that all roads lead back to Buckle & Boots and even though Rob Jones & The Restless Dream were not playing, #TEAMw21 tangentially got to chat to Rob. On the basis of this single and the rather wonderful EP "Trees" from which it comes I'd have thought there would be a fair chance that they might be playing Buckle & Boots 2024 should they so wish.

Quite simply this had us hooked from the opening piano riff and that's just the beginning for this comes with strings, pedal steel from Chris CJ Hillman and a chorus to die for which gets rewritten each time it appears as Rob ponders the question

"Who knew that love could cut so deep?"

The song opens with Rob post break up - although hailing from the North West, he has a voice that could so easily come from the US,

"I've been thinking about an old song - I've been dreaming about your eyes

I've been scheming into my coffee - weaving stories telling lies"

The chorus as mentioned earlier gets rewritten each time we visit it, the tune and the instrumentation are simply sumptuous especially with those strings that wrap around you like a warm coat on a winters day.

"And every morning when I wake without you there - it's like I'm drowning in a breathless sleep

Then the moments when I see you everywhere - the world around me starts to weep

Who knew that love could cut so deep?"

It is all wonderfully eloquent and believable with the feelings of loss coming in separate waves.

"and every time I think I see my former self, I turn my collar and I cross the street

and as I'm walking I can hear cathedral bells since when did sorrow sound so sweet

Who knew that love could cut so deep?"

The final verse sees Rob joined by #TEAMw21 favourite Grace Kelly on backing vocals and the final chorus with everybody playing is a sheer joy.

"These lonely words can only hope to bring to light - the shapes I see in the heat

and all these lessons I have learnt about the night - won't ever make me feel complete

Who knew that love could cut so deep?"

The next few weeks see Rob playing what Iwe would imagine to be relatively small venues around the North West area - we'd suggest making the most of it and catching him while you can - as this song and the EP it comes from should see him going places.

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