Poppy Fardell - Better Start

Poppy Fardell has had a pretty meteoric 18 months, she first appeared on our radar with a stunning 20 minute set at Vic Allen's Green Note Matinee EP Launch. She emerged seemingly fully formed as an artist with a clutch of well written songs and a Bob Dylan cover and a great grasp of how to grab and hold the attention of an audience.

Many of those songs have now found their way onto her debut EP "Better Start", clocking in with a generous 6 songs, bringing together her first few singles with some previously unavailable songs to make a neat tidy little package.

With Tim Prottey-Jones onboard as producer the results are as you would expect are highly polished with a fine attention to detail, that allows Poppy's writing and performing to shine.

"Lose Myself In You" gets things off to a bright start, with its addictive pure poppy chorus

It's tale of infatuation where you can't help but constantly think of someone

"I can feel your stare i my eyes

I can feel you there in my mind"

down to the noticing that

"When you walk your head rocks from left to right"

There are some great little production touches such as the little background guitar that gives a little lift to the track, while Poppy's vocals are perfectly captured, allowed to run free without ever crossing into "X Factor" territory.

The title track "Better Start" is something of a wake up call to start to pull herself together after a break up. The opening lines paint a picture of someone in a bad way

"Broken mirror - empty plates

Last weeks mascara still running down my face"

One of the common traits throughout this EP is the descriptive qualities of the lyrics, that allow the listener to fill in a lot of the gaps to build up a vivid mental picture. There is an uncomfortable realisation of just how bad things have become and that the facade being projected is fooling no-one.

"Ain't moving forward - I ain't even on the road

I tell everyone I'm doing fine, I'm staying strong

But I think everyone knows i've been lying all along""

The first line of the chorus is also an example of the art of the wordsmith

" I never did drink whisky - I don't like the aftertaste" is a jarringly unusual phrase, that immediately cements this song into your memory and sets the listener up for a little reveal later, where the lyric will be tweaked just the once, but it will play a key part within the context of the song.

Recognizing that you are in a state is half of the battle to get on the road to recovery