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  • Chris Farlie

Peter Donegan - Thank You Texas

Back from his brush with reality television is Peter Donegan, doing what he does best which is make superior sounding Americana music and his latest single proves the point. In all the TV hysteria, the one area that did not really get mentioned enough was Peter's rather wonderful "Superman" EP which we covered prior to his Midwinterfest appearance. If you liked the material on that EP you will simply love this, it has many of the same elements just more so!

The track starts gently with a strumming acoustic guitar, a pedal steel and a piano over which Peter gives a slowed down version of the chorus before we then kick off into full band mode. What a band it is, the track has such a perfect mix that each member is allowed to shine and brought to the fore at some point and because of that it has a lovely clear clean crisp sound for Peter to sing over.

Written at a Buddy Holly Songwriters Retreat in Lubbock Texas with two Texas friends: Jerry Serrano and Madi Davis this is Peter detailing his love affair with the Lone Star State, from landing at Austen Airport through to the 5 hour drive to Lubbock with "Waylon and Willie on the radio strumming along and i'm raring to go".

Peter's joy at being there is laced all through the track from the scenery to the people and it shows with an exemplary vocal performance throughout right to the end, when its time to go, where he says

"Before I hit the road lift our heads up and tilt our hats".

Peter may well have his love affair with Texas but for us It's more a case of "Thank You Texas" for bringing Peter back to the word of Americana

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