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  • Chris Farlie

Paris Adams - Alien

Having followed Paris through a number of incarnations including her stint with the original Dahlia line up, whose light shone brief yet incredibly brightly for those that were there to witness it - it is time to welcome her back as a solo performer with what could easily be her best recording to date in "Alien"

There are no sci fi creature references to be found here - "Alien" is used in this context to describe a new found feeling of happiness. Normally happy songs are notoriously difficult to write however Paris knocked this one off in an hour which is also normally the hallmark of a good song.

It has a great restrained minimalist production that lets Paris come to the fore to highlight these now found feelings and also allows her to add some lovely backing vocals into the mix.

"You're unfamiliar and something about you speaks to me

It's like a whisper, a chant or a reminder to let it be

Where did you come from base cos you can't have been here all along?

i've never been this way so tel me if I'm wrong"

Paris has the most minor of keyboard backing to sing over, it adds a little atmosphere. leaving Paris to generate all of the listeners interest with her vocal alone which she is more than able to do.

The chorus has a prominent piano sound however relatively little else. as Paris continues her feelings of disbelief and happiness.

"Did you fly down on a spaceship? - Cos i've never known anything like this

Did you get lost touring through the galaxy?

Do you belong to another planet? cos what we got no one could have planned it

The way we are its like we're meant to be - and your love is alien to me"

A few electric guitars make little flourishes adding to the overall sound and some percussion appears during the second chorus yet nothing ever threatens to take centre stage away from Paris.

It's a lesson in elegant simplicity that Paris pulls off with some aplomb.

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