• Chris Farlie

O&O - Leave It 'Til Tomorrow

Following on from the uptempo riot of a single that was "Dancing On The Floor" come O&O in more familiar territory with "Leave It 'Til Tomorrow". It's apt that a band recently favoured by James Taylor for their version of "Sweet Baby James" with Joe Martin should start the song with an intro that i'm sure JT would surely approve of, you almost expect him to start singing it's that authentic.This is O&O examining relationship politics and this time round they've also enlisted the talents of Laura Oakes as co writer, who herself at the moment has hit something of a rich vein of songwriting form.

Lyrically the song opens mid / post argument addressing something of a taut atmosphere "You smile like we're ok but I know i've crossed the line" and the with the evening having drawn in there's a desire to cease hostilities until the following day "even though you've left so much to say".

The success of the song is that it is easily relatable to a listening audience, and while it may be written from a personal perspective, it is a universal feeling that touches most relationships at some point. The line about "lying with out backs turned to each other" is echoed in the cover with each "O" looking out in a different direction knowing that things have gone to far.

Musically the song builds gradually with Orian taking the first verse and chorus mainly to just an acoustic guitar, before the band truly kick in, and Obadiah joins in on vocals. The layers of instrumentation are subtly built up to great effect, with a sparingly used pedal steel strategically placed at the forefront of the mix at times, making great impact. The richness of the vocals as the song builds to a climax is also something to relish.

With their Spring London date now rescheduled to hopefully take place in September, it remains to be seen just how many more of these pop gems they can turn out in the intervening months,

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