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  • Chris Farlie

Molly & The Moon - Rise

Last year we duly noted the arrival of 2 of our favourite singles of 2019 in the shape of "Bristol Boy" and "In Your Dreams" by the rather wonderful Molly-Anne and while 2020 has seen a name change, ( you'll now find her under the name Molly & The Moon ) there is no let up in the quality of her output and her new single "Rise" could not come at a better moment.

It is exuberant from the very off and certainly succeeds in it's aim of delivering something uplifting, a symbol of hope that we can grab on to in these darkest of times and what better to take us out of the darkness than a song about the sun rising.

The lyrics at times have an almost ancient symbolism about them with the rising sun personified "Dawn lifts up her head". There are also positive messages peppered throughout, reminders that times will not always be this bleak "The Sun will rise once more" that "Your time is now", and that "love will lift you into daylight" are just some of the positive aspects that you can take away form this song.

Musically the band line up is pictured on the cover of the single but that only hints at the glorious rhythms to be found within, there is a delicious organ sound running through the track, an incessant unrelentingly cheery banjo throughout and three part harmonies just add to the sheer joyfulness, just listen as Molly is given free reign at about the three minute mark. It's a blend of lots of genres, a little folk, a little country, it doesn't really matter, it's a perfect fusion and exactly the sort of tune to reinvigorate a weary nation.

It comes with a similarly uplifting video, created under lockdown with contributions from her ever growing army of fans, that perfectly captures the energy of the song

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