Lucy Blu - Surrender

By any standards Lucy Blu's rise from the Buckle & Boots Acoustic Tent to gracing the O2 Main Stage with Darius Rucker can only be described as meteoric. For most of the assembled O2 crowd I dare say this was a new name for them and hopefully it will have sent them scurrying to their musical provider of choice where they will find plenty to enjoy in Ms Blu's catalogue.

Her latest single "Surrender" is something a little different in that it is a piano ballad, for a large portion of the song it is literally just a piano and Lucy which is about as open and vulnerable as you can get, something that is matched by the opening lyrics

"I've been hurt before, too many times

Guess that's why I built these walls 10 ft high"

With that established "Surrender" details Lucy's feelings about someone able to breach those defensive barriers, for she realises "it's no use fighting the tide" of feelings she has which leads to the song title, softly sung over the most tinkling of piano notes "I Surrender".

It's over a minute before some strings arrive, to round out the overall sound while lyrically the theme of remaining remote and alone is fading away.

"Without a care, I'm not scared - white flag is waving"

The bridge sees Lucy really let loose with some power diva style vocals

"You're something worth fighting for" before once again letting them fall away to delicately deliver "I'm yours"

The final visit to the chorus sees the song end much as it started with just Lucy and a softly played piano.

There is a nice cohesiveness to the lyrics around the theme of surrender and at no times does this veer away from heartfelt to slushy. Let's hope those C2C converts give it a listen.

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