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  • Chris Farlie

Lucy Blu - Shine

Lucy Blu continues to be one of our most consistent purveyors of Pop Country music, if you dip into any of her releases over the last 2 years there is a consistency in her lyric writing and in her ear for a good tune that never dips.

There is plenty to admire on "Shine", as Lucy immediately plays with convention and uses the first verse as an introduction explaining to the listener that

"Gotta get something off my chest

It's been spinning round my head - how to say it best

Can't write a letter - I'd say it wrong

So I put it in a country song"

All of this delivered over an array of guitars and banjos to a stomping back beat.

"Shine" is something of a riposte to those who have a needless mean streak and it is a joyous anthem that spells out that this pointless negativity is their problem and no-one elses. Lyrically Lucy calls them out and dispatches them with them with the quite withering line

"I bet you got a million reasons - but honey I think you need Jesus or maybe to get laid!"

The chorus is uplifting showing how these peoples opinions need to be treated

"You don't like me, that's a lovely shade of green

and I hate to burst your bubble

but I don't lose sleep at night"

It is really hard to find fault, there is a great guitar riff at the centre of this song, and Lucy's vocals and indeed her backing vocals in the second half of the song show how she is able to capture her vision in the final recorded version.

"Shine" is available to preorder and released on 30th April

As long as the current Lockdown continues to ease there is also a chance to see Lucy Blu Live

20th May - Live @ North Enfield CC


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