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  • Chris Farlie

Lucy Blu - Bulletproof

Perfectly timed release from Lucy Blu to celebrate her addition to the Buckle & Boots bill, and she continues to drop quality singles with seemingly effortless ease.

"Bulletproof" in many ways is possibly her most adventurous sound wise to date, there is a lot going on and the subject matter is suitably over the top to go with it. With Alex Maile once again returning on production duties there are a number of nice little touches that elevate this single from the crowd.

It opens to an urgent acoustic guitar riff and backbeat immediately building the intensity, which is later whipped up further with high tempo clapping and male backing vocals. The song paints Lucy as an avenging angel and she absolutely revels in the role becoming larger than life as the "Redneck best friend" righting the wrong done to her pal.

"When you first showed up and started hanging around

She fell for your lies but look at where we are now

Scrap of paper in my pocket with your name and address

and while she's at home crying over you, I'lI do what I do best"

With a gloriously rapid fire chorus that sees the arrival of fiddle, multiple guitars and now thumping drum sound Lucy outlines exactly how payback is going to happen, to "Mr Liar" ,

" You think its just a game - so let's play!"

Packed with smart ass one liners we find that Lucy has come prepared

I cleaned the space out of my trunk - about to fill it with a lot more junk!"

With marvelous fiddle and guitar solos, there is so much to enjoy in this single. As far as murdering songs go it is right up there with "Delilah" and "Earle" in that technically we shouldn't really like her, Lucy is after all she says there

"Won't be one single witness by the time i'm done""

and yet our empathy is with her rather than the cheating wretch being killed!!

Ending suddenly, we can assume just as Lucy has exacted her revenge, this is well thought out, and pardon the pun well executed single.

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