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  • Chris Farlie

Lucy Blu- Bonnie & Clyde

After her last EP of Lockdown covers, we were expecting perhaps another EP from a different genre to be given a Blu wash, but Lucy Blu has not only surprised us with a new hair colour she's kicking off a scheduled run of 6 new releases with "Bonnie & Clyde"

Opening to a police siren Lucy quickly gets into her stride with a song that carries forward the fun of her 2019 releases. Lucy lays out how she feels about her partner

"you drive me wild like a roller coaster ride

You exhilarate intoxicate, electrify my mind"

The chorus when it comes references three couples, the gangsters of the songs title and two others that assume the listener has some knowledge of musical history and helpfully provides little clues if they don't

"I'll be Bonnie and you be Clyde

I'll steal your heart and you'll still mine

You'll be Johnny and i'' be June

I will walk that line with you"

If I'm Priscilla then you're my king

Just two fools rushing in"

The second verse plays on the gangster theme so naturally glances are stolen and they have a "getaway car". Musically there is remarkably little instrumentation, the lead guitar is very much upfront in the mix leaving everything else in the background however ultimately the success of the song is down to Lucy's delivery which has a sultry playful feel to it, that sells the song and makes it so enjoyable.

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