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  • Chris Farlie

Lexie Green - Santa's Running Late

It may have taken a while to cross our desk but Lexie Green's "Santa's Running Late", first released in 2018 should surely take it place as one of the best Americana Christmas singles ever!! This may seem a bold claim to be making but having been inundated with Christmas singles sing early October - this one is surely the best.

Eschewing all of the traps that songs at this time of year fall into - there are no bells or heavenly choirs just a solid rocking tune and Lexie's sultry smooth vocals that makes this such a rip roaring success.

Lexie immediately sets out her stall with he ropening lines

"Baby is it cold out ? Its gonna freeze no doubt

I see its been snowing - and tell them you're not going"

If finds Lexie trying to entice Santa to stay a little longer with an offer to

"Warm you boots here by the fire

There's fine food on the plate"

The lyrics find Lexie being a little cheeks with some suggestions that might put her on the naughty list

"I've been waiting all year

Just for you to be here

I know you must leave soon

But I don't want you too"

It's cracking good tune and seems to end way too soon which is surely the sign of a great single.

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