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  • Chris Farlie

Lexie Green - It's On You

If Lexie Green released nothing else in her entire career she will always hold a special place on our Christmas Playlists with the excellent "Santa's Running Late". Fortunately though she has not retired early and has a brand new single "It's On You" which contains many of the elements that made that single great.

There's a definite live sound to the single and a feeling of space in the recording studio that the band are not quite able to completely fill, however that in no way stops the enjoyment provided by this bluesy shuffle which Lexie guides us through wonderfully.

"Well here I am, I'm still waiting

Sitting here waiting on you

You don't know I'm hanging on

Yeah you don't have a clue - It's on you"

Lexie's vocals are ideally suited for the backing track, as they relay her situation of possibly identifying the perfect partner, the only problem being that he is unaware. There's a great combination of frustration tinged with realism. There is a recurring guitar line that drives the track along at a nice easy pace and the percussion perfectly adds to the vibe.

The second verse shows somebody in a total state of flux changing their opinion from one moment to the next as to the correct way ahead - whether this is sensible or just a pipe dream.

"For every moment I've made up my mind

There's another that changes it all the time

Oh I've been dreaming for far too long

Dreaming half my life, is that wrong?"

The chorus ups the angst level on the track and is an open "Love me or leave me" request - It also sees Lexie up the blues in her delivery, with more power and a touch of raspiness

"Cause I can love if you'll let me

I will love you all damn day

Leave me be if I'm only dreaming

Sometimes life be that way"

The bridge once again sees Lexie just looking for the glimmer of hope

"Oh I've a long way to go

Don't you know I try

No I ain't looking for answer

Maybe just a sign"

The final coda of the song sees Lexie repeating the line "it's On You" in a variety of ways, starting with a sultry tone gradually building in volume.

This is a great little single, full of charm, from those echoing backing vocals through to the relaxed playing style of the band, It is apparently the third single from her forthcoming album and that is going to send us immediately diving into her back catalogue to hopefully unearth some more gems - Lexie Green - Not just for Christmas!!!

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