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  • Chris Farlie

Leah Belle Faser - Better Than Mine

An astonishing debut from Leah Belle Faser which is notable for a number of reasons. it is amazingly good, it's well produced, fantastically written with some very neat touches, and brilliantly performed.

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the opening track from her forthcoming EP "Crossing Hermi’s Bridge", which consists of 7 songs recorded in Nashville by Grammy Award-winning producer Casey Wood who has done an exceptional job.

For a debut, this is writing of an exceptional calibre, it may be a break up song but it is peppered with those added bits of quality, the personal touches that anchor the song in reality and give it the extra touch of authenticity and therefore make it stand out.

When we join Leah she is "standing at the corner of Third and and Lindsley" looking in a bar at her ex with someone else in what was once "our place". There's a nice turn of phrase used when she poetically remembers their break up via the "echo on my final words"" which then go on to form the punchline of the marvelous chorus

"When I said "I wish you the best" but I didn't know that would mean you'd be doing just fine without me in your life, a new girl every night, I guess your best is better than mine"". It's perfectly constructed and sung with just the right amount of angst and if not bitterness then certainly a touch of envy. For as she later notes "My diary's full of the reasons we weren't right, and i'm better off inside, outside your life".

There are so many clever things to admire about this 3 minutes of wonder, from the language used in the lyrics, through to the different lead ins to the chorus, or the great backing vocals that this review could easily be twice as fulsome in its praise. It so complete a recording that it defies belief to find out that Leah Belle Faser is only 15

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