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  • Chris Farlie

Leah Belle Faser - Because

#TEAMw21 have followed the exploits of Leah Belle Faser from her very first release. Her writing is always wonderfully descriptive while her phrasing and singing has a style that is quite unique. Still ridiculously young for one so talented, this latest release "Because" seems something of a stepping stone in terms of content - letting her audience know that she is undoubtedly growing up before their very eyes.

There are certain things about "Because" that are most definitely new - the percussion and guitars may be reassuringly familiar however there is now a delicious rich organ playing which gives the overall sound an extra dimension.

Leah is able to paint vivid pictures using relatively few words - and more often then not picks exactly the right ones to evoke a certain feeling

From the very start the scene is set "It was a hot summer night, when your eyes first met mine on that path" - just the use of the word "hot" immediately gets the temperature rising!

The initial meeting quickly turns into a blossoming relationship.

"Throwing rocks at the river, to help you forget her

You leaned in, I started to laugh

As we walked past my street played like I didn’t see where we’d gone

Hoping moments would last didn’t dare walk too fast to get home"

Leah's phrasing helps the rhyme between "river" and "forget her" work perfectly and her habit of occasionally extending words or raising her intonation are what makes her so special.

The chorus marks out just how special a relationship this would be and is sung in a truly heartfelt manner

"Forever I’ll think of you as all the first loves do

You weren’t a heart on loan or just some stepping stone

You are the only tie to who I once was"

The second verse initially sees a cooling of the relationship before it is most definitely rekindled

"You looked in me and saw how to break through my walls of self-defence

And I knew falling in love would lead to the end of my innocence"

There's lots to admire in the production, Leah's attention to detail on the backing vocals undoubtedly adds to the overall success of the track. Leah is able to tap into a universal feeling that most people will hopefully have fond recollections of, which is great songwriting talent to have. Her body of work is steadily growing and developing in different ways - to our ears she has certainly yet to put a foot wrong and we look forward to seeing how far she can go and also if someone will offer her the chance to play in the UK.

Video link to Because

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