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  • Chris Farlie

Kirwan - Cool

When is a UK band not a UK band - well Kirwan may well be the answer. Born and bred in the North Of Ireland Colm and Caitriona Kirwan are now based south of Nashville in Columbia Tennessee and their debut single "Cool" while sounding distinctly American at times also has a chorus not to far removed from The Shires' pop sensibilities.

In case you were wondering Colm spent many years as part of Don William's band and Caitriona has opened for Van Morrison in her time so these are no recent arrivistes and have more than paid their dues. The pair are happily married and therefore less preoccupied with what others think is or is not "Cool"

Opening to a throbbing synthy bass beat and little ripples of electric guitar, their sound is contemporary, and thankfully spare of any fake drum beat or clicking.

As it opens it finds Caitriona pondering their current position in terms of coolness.

"Maybe we ain't store from front pages

Maybe we ain't trendsetters or tastemakers"

The idea of coolness is then explored further on the bright breezy chorus

"Springsteen and a cadillac on Sunset Boulevard

James Dean on a silver screen, laid back on the hood of your car

Bonnie & Clyde running wild - just a couple of rebel hearts

Breaking every rule baby, second nature to you baby"

Colm takes over lead vocals for the second verse and continues to wonder if they are maybe cool in their own different way.

"Maybe we're just stay at home kitchen dancers

or maybe we're just lock the door candle light romancers"

With a wonderfulyl tasteful guitar solo and a fine line in interweaving backing vocals that lift this well above the ordinary, this single whets the appetite for what else Kirwan may have up their sleeves.

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