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  • Chris Farlie

Kerri Watt - Kissing Fools

Hard to believe but it is nearly 12 months since Kerri Watt wowed at C2C 2019. Since then we've had a few glimpses of the finished project, and now another teaser has arrived in the shape of "Kissing Fools".

This was one of the tracks that she played over the C2C weekend and from it retains its joie de vivre from the very start with the lively piano intro over some electric guitar chords and the sound of a tambourine being thwacked before the drum roll kicks us in to take us into a sea of backing vocals setting up the rhythm of the song.

Once again its a fusion of styles blended together to make something unlike anything else, those backing vocals, the upfront guitar lines and of course Kerri's teasing vocals opening with "I could lead us on a slow dance , do you remember how to romance.......just leave your coat and take my hand". It kicks along at a great pace, exuding joy as it goes and if anything has the feel good factor of a summer hit about it rather than a single in cold wet February.

With a chorus full of plenty of hooks this is an absolute delight from start to the breathy "Kissing Fools" finale over a tinkling piano - Bring on the album asap,

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