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  • Chris Farlie

Kate Ellis - Music & Art To Inspire Change

Last year I was lucky enough to collaborate with the amazing artist Geraldine van Heemstra on the Our Wonderland campaign that aimed to give emotion and voice to the rallying cry for urgent environmental action at the COP26 global climate talks.

We spent a day together in nature experiencing and expressing the wonder and fragility of the natural world through our different mediums of music and art. While I played music, Geraldine filled a sketchbook with beautiful watercolours. The sketchbook of paintings contained a letter from us to world governments with a QR code that linked to a video of our collaboration. The book travelled to COP26 in Glasgow to inspire climate leaders to reconnect with the everyday wonder of our natural world and do what needs to be done to safeguard its future.

We wanted to refresh the campaign for this year’s climate conference (COP27) which started this week and re-communicate our emotional connection with the beauty of the natural world and how this gives us a deeper sense of loss for what we are putting at risk.

So we've made a limited edition of just 25 prints of one of Geraldine's beautiful paintings from her sketchbook and are donating the proceeds to Friends of the Earth.

We will sign and number each print and send it out with a special code to download my song Wonderland.

You can get one here:

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