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  • Chris Farlie

Juna N Joey - Until Your Heart Breaks

Fresh from their recent UK tour it is Juna N Joey with their latest single "Until Your Heart Breaks". If you were expecting more fast paced country pop in the shape of their previous single "Something To Miss" then this may come as something of a surprise, for it opens as a ballad with just a piano with first Joey pouring out his heart

"Suddenly every memory is burned in my mind

I can see the little things perfectly one at a time"

and then Juna

"I play it over and over

What I could have done different

But I didn't know then what I now know was missing"

Musically it's great, it rises and falls as it should and there's even room for a guitar solo however there is no escaping the lyrics to the chorus. During our recent interview with them, they acknowledged that they had yet to experience some of life's great adventures and this materialises in some underpowered observations

"Til your heart breaks you don't see the reason for a good cry!

You can't know the pain of a goodbye and you wonder why everyone hates heartache!"

In fairness their final visit to the chorus adds some additional lyrics which neatly link it back to the opening verse and redeem things considerably

"Til your heart breaks - you're never going to fully appreciate, the best love you had

Till it's too late to say what you didn't know to say"

So minor chorus quibble aside, this is another leap forward for June N Joey who are lest we forget yet to escape their teenage years, This is undoubtedly a superior production with some sumptuous strings and delicately placed piano parts, topped off with excellent vocals from a duo who are simply going to get better and better.

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