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  • Chris Farlie

Joe Martin - It Doesn't Rain In LA

Joe Martin is back, once again teaming with the Chorlton Country Club giving him the chance to once again make a little noise. With a thumpingly inventive back beat and some jangly guitars they form the perfect backdrop for Joe to produce a number of different vocal stylings within the songs four minute duration.

Co written with Vinnie Paolizzi, there is as ever lots to admire lyrically, the opening couplets set the scene perfectly

"She's a flower not quite ready to bloom

She needs water to lay down her roots

It's not my place to say

It doesn't rain in LA"

In just four lines and without directly even mentioning it we have a young girl seeking to find fame and fortune and someone about to be left behind , who can forsee troubles ahead yet unable to stand in their way. The lure of Hollywood has always seemed to fascinate Joe, and those who were lucky to see him with his previous band may remember "City Of Angels" from their "Treading Water" EP.

The chorus gives Joe the chance to further outline the perils ahead

"She's on fire but she'll burn out

Cos there's too many stars as it is and they litter the town"

If the chorus gives Joe free rein to power out his vocals then the middle section allows Joe to sing so tenderly as the backing drops away to just some subtle electric guitar work. With the band kicking back in to close out the song it makes #TEAMw21 keen to hear how much more Joe and the Chorlton Country Club have left to release as this seems to undoubtedly be a winning combination

There is also a wonderful lyric video accompanying the song that is also well worth checking out

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