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  • Chris Farlie

Jessie & The Leonards with Hannah Grace Deller Working On The Frontline

"Working on the Frontline" is the first single from the album ‘Song Club’, a collection of songs from #TEAMw21 favourites such as Kimmie Rhodes, Robert Vincent, Sara Douga as well other more famous names like Nick Heyward, Graham Gouldman and Beth Nielson Chapman. They were all inspired by pictures taken by nurse Hannah Grace Deller, who in addition to being a paediatric matron, is a talented photographer who, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, has been documenting her and her colleagues’ experiences.

This came to the attention of Chris Difford, Squeeze wordsmith and songwriter of the highest esteem who has brought together a cornucopia of talent for a project whose proceeds will go to the  Royal College of Nursing) RCN Foundation COVID-19 Support Fund.

The first single from the project is from Jessie and the Leonards and is as realistic a take on the past 6 months as you'll get. Jessie in case you were wondering is the amazingly talented Jessie Buckley who in 2019 provided possibly one of the finest musical 30 minutes of the year with her blistering set at The Long Road festival. She is armed for this song with a set of lyrics that really give that sense of being there

"Every day I leave my home, get on the bus alone, walk into a danger zone and I'm working on the frontline

I've got to be cool, I've got to be calm, got to keep myself from harm, got to get my spacesuit on, working on the frontline".

With a great americana soulful funky background that provides an upbeat background she is the absolute perfect conduit for this song, and really brings it to life in the most believable fashion. There is also a cameo for Hannah Grace Deller herself who makes some pointed comments in her little rap section, that all go to make this a spectacular opening to the project.

The album ‘Song Club’ will be released on October 23rd 2020

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