Jenny June - That Ain't Me

In a parallel non Corona world "That Ain't Me" would have come out just in time to tie in with Jenny's appearance at the Country On The Coast 2020 festival, where she excelled last year. This is her third single and true to form it's completely different to the previous two, the more countryish "Don't Leave So Soon" or the beautiful piano balladry of "Take My Hand", this time round it's an all out rocker and the volume has most definitely been set to 11.

It was a song she played at last years Country On The Coast set and from the opening rocking, almost heavy metal guitar, Jenny appears in a confident in your face persona who is taking no prisoners "Now I know I can do this on my own". Complete with a thumping drum beat this is way over the top yet at the same time remains remarkably good fun.

The song is a stinging rebuke to someone who had previously wronged her and this is no girl to be fooled for a second time - "Walk away and never look back you done it before so you know where the doors at".

It comes with a video where Jenny with the aid of a pallet, a fire escape and an orange smoke bomb injects some glamour into what looks like the parking lot of the recording studios where presumably "It Ain't Me" was recorded.

Country On The Coast 2020 has been rescheduled and will hopefully return Oct 30, 31st and Nov 1st 2020

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