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  • Chris Farlie

Jade Helliwell - Heroes & Heroines

If there was one thing that came from the Covid years, it was perhaps our re-evaluation of quite which people in society were the true heroes and heroines deserving of our praise and appreciation. It is something that Jade Helliwell and her co writer Jess Thristan have developed and worked up into Jade's latest single. Produced by honourary Brit and ever growing star in her own right Alyssa Bonagura, this single plays to Jade's greater strengths with a stirring bombastic chorus while keeping it restrained enough to not to go overboard.

The opening lines see Jade lay out the traditional view of what a hero should be

"I used to think that the only heroines

Were people that I saw on tv screens"

The lyrical lead in to the chorus acts as a neat transition, laying the groundwork for what is to come.

"But I’m getting older and a little wiser, I realise the real life heroes, are beside ya"

The chorus as mentioned earlier is a chance for Jade to move into power delivery mode as she acknowledges her view of who are her heroines

"This one’s for the working mothers - this one’s for the secret lovers

This one’s for the mountain climbers and all of the battle fighters

For every "i’ll be okay" To every "maybe someday" - No one can take away

It’s you, it’s me - we are the heroes and heroines"

As Jade says it is a shout out to those who may not even realise that they are heroes " like single parents hustling for their families, people who break free from toxic relationships, risk-taking entrepreneurs chasing their dreams, and individuals fighting health battles with resilience and determination"

With a suitably stirring guitar solo, the single gradually rises in intensity and volume throughout finishing with Jade firing out appreciation to more group.

"Here’s to the keep on going - here’s to the always growing

Here’s to the never quitters, here’s to the self believers|

Here’s to the hold it togethers, here’s to the no regreters

Here’s the see it throughers, here’s to the hallelujahs!"

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