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  • Chris Farlie

Gasoline & Matches - Smiling Viper

Like London buses you wait ages for a Gasoline & Matches single and then two come along within 7 days of each other! The last time we saw them live was at 229 supporting Katy Hurt, with a full rocking band and this single certainly captures just what a rocking combo they can be. Written with #TEAMw21 favourite Jenn Bostic, this song is about the sort of person we have all met who smiles to your face but then are not so trustworthy when you are not around.

The song introduces itself with a booming drum beat and Stephen's heavy riffing guitar undercut by a lovely organ sound before fading away to let Sally-Rea unleash the opening snake inspired imagery filled lines, with a voice that cries out restrained anger ready to explode at any moment.

"Your words are like poison

Infecting my soul

I can't ignore them

They swallowed me whole"

The chorus finally gives Sally-Rea that opportunity to vent, and once she starts there is no holding back

"Your toxic - full of sh*t" ( this was a radio friendly version we were listening to after all!)

Won't quit let's step outside - you're out of line

You suffocate my every breath, you fooled me once won't fool me again"

It's truly rocking stuff from start too finish, a cracking overall performance, from Stephens guitar solo to Sally-Rae's ever more explosively delivered choruses topped off with some excellent imagery in the lyrics throughout, showing just what damage these people can do.

There aren't any bullets in the gun that you hold

You know what you're doing - so don't act like you don't"

Certain to be rocking out of a radio near you all summer Smiling Viper is released: Monday 26th July

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