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  • Chris Farlie

Foreign Affairs - One Minute

Foreign Affairs make something of a blistering return with "One Minute", a song that builds in intensity to such a degree, that it should come with a health warning!!. It starts as something of a confessional over a gentle acoustic guitar, "I've got something right here that I need to say I want to share a couple of problems. keep the wolves at bay I got a pain in my chest and an ache in my heart I've got some wrongs left to right but where do I start?". It is immediately attention grabbing stuff, slightly unsettling as the atmosphere builds.

The picture painted is of a disturbed individual and his fractured narrative gives us glimpses into why he has become so highly strung. Things seem to ratchet up quite quickly "It's been 6 long years and a lot has changed, I'm glad that Mum's looking better and Dad's ok" hinting at either prison or some sort of breakdown for he goes on to say "I I was so mad at the world but didn't know why it's cos the best of my men got shot out the sky". With each verse things leap along at a furious pace, he seems to be about to be homeless and when he says I've been here and i've been there, I've not seen it all but i've seen my fair share" it once again points to a somewhat traumatised person.

It's a masterful tour de force, totally gripping and absolutely like nothing you'll hear anywhere else, and in under 2 minutes it creates such a compelling scene that the only thing to be done is to immediately play it again as you try to piece together exactly what is happening.

Foreign Affairs have been away from the scene for a while, we last saw them at the Round Up and with Larkin Poe but if this is a sign of what they have been doing in the meantime then we simply cannot wait to see what comes next.

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