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  • Chris Farlie

Foreign Affairs - Make A Move

Foreign Affairs once again find themselves operating in a field of one, there seems to be no-one else rivaling their quite recent eclectic output, and "Make A Move" is only going to add to that view.

It's riff heavy with a distinctly unique delivery as if ripped from a Tarantino movie soundtrack, it probably crosses about 5 or 6 different genres throughout the course of its two and a half minute duration never settling on one for too long.

The front cover looks they've been arrested for getting up to no good and that look matches "Make A Move" which has the feel that they have just arrived in town and are going to wreak havoc!

I’m gonna roll on through 
Like we own the room"

The sound is predominantly guitar and percussion, mainly bold, upfront and in your face matched by vocals delivered with an air of confidence. Undoubtedly meant to be heard loud proud and live

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