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  • Chris Farlie

Emma & Jolie - I Don't Need A Man

The debut release from Emma & Jolie sees them formerly announcing themselves to the world in some style. The duo comprised of Emma Walker and Jolie Harvey have enlisted the songwriting talents of Emily Hackett as co writer ( who wowed during the UK during Country Music Week in 2019 ) to come up with a sassy little number that has a strong point to make.

They've also utilised pop producer Johnny Douglas who has certainly brought his talents to bear with a lot more occurring in the mix than on your average UK Americana single, always with the intention of catching the listeners ear whether it be from the banjo running through the track or the sound of crickets through to the attention to detail on those backing vocals which all add to the overall effect.

Your opening single says a lot about you and this song is definitely something of a statement piece and lines like "I don't need a man to sing my praises, hand me the mic tell me where the stage is", and "I don't need a man to tell my i'm pretty, I think the mirror does a better job really" Emma and Jolie quickly assert themselves. It's confident and empowering and it is going be interesting to see what else they have conjured up with Emily and with other writers such as Laura Oakes, as well as seeing them performing live.

Emma & Jolie are set to perform as part of the Dixie Fields virtual festival on the 11th July

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