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  • Chris Farlie

Emilia Quinn - Magpie

Capturing the live sound from the very start with the engineer saying "rolling" is Emiila Quinn with her latest single "Magpie". It is a sound that will be blasting out from the main stage at the upcoming Buckle & Boots Festival - a place that #TEAMw21 confidently predicted that she would be filling, although personally I'd have let Emilia rock out a little later than her proposed slot.

There a prominent guitar intro - think more Brit pop akin to The Seahorses than your traditional Americana sound and you won't go far wrong. The guitar is joined by a thumping drum backbeat and it seems as likely that Robert Plant might open the vocals rather than Emila herself. It finds Emilia once again finding inspiration close to home.

"Saluting magpies, she’s a little superstitious

When she’s in the sheets, she gets a little vicious

She’s always moving forwards, never running away

Body of a goddess and it’s driving me insane"

Complete with a suitably rocking guitar solo, Emilia and her band look set to build on last years storming Paddock stage set and potentially deliver something that could propel her to another level. Emilia vocally is able to adapt her voice to any occasion and on this song alone she displays at least three

There's the proud admiration vocal that accompanies the opening verse quoted above

or the sultry dreaminess as she ponders "When she enters a room my heart hits the floor"

and finally the proud rocky boast on the chorus

"And she’s mine

Mine, she’s mine"

It all makes for a power packed four minutes - get to your positions early for 17:00 Saturday !!!


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