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  • Chris Farlie

Donna Marie - Falling Through The Cracks

This years Buckle & Boots Festival was positively awash with Songwriter Rounds, one of our favourites occurred on the Sunday lunchtime where the disparate members of the Songs & Stories Collective got a chance to play together, in the same place at the same time rather than virtually. It was at this Round where #TEAMw21 first got to hear "Falling Through The Cracks" performed on the day by a permanently standing while performing Donna Marie. Of course on the day it was only acoustic even with contributions from other Collective members - This version is very much a full band version.

Although the recording for this song was another virtual Collective with drum parts arriving from Germany and Pedal Steel from Sweden for Donna Marie to assemble into a cohesive production in her home studio.

On the day #TEAMw21 seem to recall this being about Donna's parents and the sacrifices they made - while still holding on to their dreams -

Initially starting as an acoustic number Donna immediately introduces us to the songs protagonists.

Firstly, at one end of the day is the Mother making the most of the calm that first light brings

"She wakes up early - pours a cup of coffee -

Takes a moment for herself alone outside

Lights up a cigarette, listens to the birds sing

Braces herself to face the day"

Halfway through first the chorus the drum and guitars kick in and to Donna's credit this sounds like a kick ass band all playing together, no hints of a jigsaw being assembled.

At the other end of day the Father is sketched, the one thing in common between husband and wife - the solace of being outside.

"It's late in the evening, he's counting down the hours - he takes a moment for himself alone outside

He's always working, providing for his family, but he's forgotten what it is just to smile"

Each of them holding on the memory that "It wasn't always like this" when they were young

The chorus is an affirmation that those sacrifices are worthwhile and that things will hopefully get better.

"We're all falling through the cracks and the bad times never last - remember every moment, this world is vast

Life will never break with the memories we make, life passes by so fast - when you're falling through the cracks"

Things come to an abrupt end on the three minute mark and it s one of those rare songs where you just want to hear a little more. Donna does a sterling job as narrator - her characters live and breathe even though they are only lightly outlined. Her voice remains strong and upfront even with an ever increasingly exciting band revving up behind her.

With a solo album to follow later in the year as well some material to be recorded with The Songs & Stories Collective, it looks like busy times ahead for Donna Marie


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