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  • Chris Farlie

Deeanne Dexeter - Women Like You

It's been quite a while since we've heard from Deeanne Dexeter, so long in fact that to some people this may be a completely new name, while others will fondly remember her fronting one of the UK's premiere country rock groups who seemed to be forever on the cusp of breaking through into the mainstream.

She has returned with a single "Women Like You" and immediately there are a few noticeable changes. This sounds like a Deeanne really going for it with an extra layer of confidence in those vocals, easily the best of her career To match those vocals comes a somewhat sassy persona who is just itching to put any intruders onto her patch back in their place.!!

"Women Like You" was co written with Marianne Dunkers and Matt Greaves who come with some pedigree themselves, Marianne for her work with Beth Keeping on "Naked" and Matt had his name all over the first ( and arguably best ) Ward Thomas album. Between them they've constructed a song that varies in styles over it's four minutes,initially opening with something of a soulful blues feel before exploding into a chorus that could easily grace a classic song from the sixties such is its vibrancy. Matt even plays all the instruments and produces which is no mean feat with exemplary guitar and keyboard work.

For this song to succeed you need to believe that the front woman is taking no prisoners in defence of her relationship from predatory females and from the moment Deeanne announces "You can paint your lipstick red, you can dye your hair blonde, you can show a little more leg, i'm the one that he wants" you are left in no doubt who is in charge. You can but sit back and marvel at Deeanne's vocals, this is proper rich soulful singing, powerful without drifting off into X Factor theatrics and #TEAMw21 absolutely love it.

There are brighter skies ahead for Deeanne if she has more songs like this up her sleeve.

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