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  • Chris Farlie

Deeanne Dexeter - Blind Eye

The third solo single from Deeanne and the quality shows no sign of letting up. There is definitely a more soulful groove to Deeanne since her arrival back on the scene while at the same time when allowed to unleash her undoubted vocal talents she all but blows out your speakers!! - this song is a combo of both!

The opening 45 seconds are laid back, oozing a rich warm soulful vibe, everything about it from the clipped guitar to the keyboards has such a soothing feel to it that it is impossible to resist.

It actually forms the backdrop for Deeanne to have a little heart to heart and sow some seed of doubt, or perhaps they are her inner demons speaking in her ear like in the cartoons - telling her what she already knows but chooses to ignore.

"Do you see his phone light flashing 20 times an hour?

Do you know where he goes between work and home?

Reservations for a hotel up in Denver

he swears he's never heard of it before"

The occular theme of the title is referenced throughout the lyrics as is the playing on the double meaning of lying

"it's clear it's obvious - Are you oblivious?

Or do you see exactly what's going on?"

At this point things all but explode with a lung busting chorus.

"Turn a blind eye - everything is alright

anything for an easy life

Even if it means he's waking up in your bed

Sleeping in someone elses"

The second verse highlights the tell tale signs, new clothes, getting in shape and general suspicious activity, it all leads to the conclusion that " The signs and warning lights are all there to see"

The second chorus ups the ante in volume and leads to a gold old fashioned screaming guitar solo, while the third chorus takes us up a key and raises the intensity further with Deanne's vocals in a fantastic duel with the guitar, finally able to really let loose.

For what is actually quite a dark song about deception and self deception it is undoubtedly rollicking good fun and we cannot wait to see Deeanne belt this out at Buckle & Boots -

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