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  • Chris Farlie

Daniel Borge - Time

Quite why the Nordics is proving to be such a hotbed of country music at the moment is a little baffling but for the second time in a week our Nordic friends have dropped an attention grabbing single this time in the shape of Daniel Borge's "Time".

He's already released a couple of singles this year including the excellent "Room 208" which we highlighted earlier, all of which will feature on his debut album. With a flair for the dramatic song and a voice coming in at the Darius Rucker end of the spectrum it is going to be fascinating to see how far he can go.

Time itself has always been a good base for ideas whether it be films or songs and all of us at some point, whether it be personally or in the current situation globally have wished that things could be wound back so that we could have another try and it is this wish that Daniel and co writer Davis Branch have used as the basis for this song.

"Have you even been driving by yourself through the woods?

and stopped at the side to think of all the things you'd change if you could

slamming your fist on the hood"

It all leads to a chorus where the concept becomes lyrically a little clunky but is sung with such conviction that you almost ignore whether Time is a man who can be talked to or a clock whose hands can be turned back, blurring the two doesn't completely work to these ears.

“If only time was a man, you could talk to about his hands.

I’d move those hands back before goodbye, back to when everything was right.

I heard they say, and I believe, that time can heal everything.

He could change the speed of the falling sand if time was a man,”

There is the time related observation that we all struggle with

"Ain't it funny how time flies fast when you are having a blast

but how it slowly it moves when you heart gets shattered like glass

and you think it'll never pass"

Leaving the lyrical nit picking to one side the tune is a belter with a big dramatic drum sound and great guitar work throughout and of course it is Daniels vocals that really sell it, deep, rich and engaging. He probably has his heart set on cracking Nashville however he may find a little trip to the UK when he is able, will help him gain some additional heat.

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