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  • Chris Farlie

Christine Parker - When You Need Somebody

Christine Parker's last single was the wonderfully atmospheric "Ocean Of You" but it is a different turn of pace for her latest effort "When You Need Somebody" which although created in early January has gone on to develop a greater meaning then can possibly have been imagined,

In January who would have known that everyone in the world, old and young, rich or poor might need help from someone and this song embodies that feeling of knowing you can be someone who can be called on at any moment and wraps it up in a pop song.

When originally envisaged of course this was much more a personal message, the exact nature of the relationship is not revealed, the important thing is that you are there to be leaned on,

The song opens to a bright piano intro and Christine setting the scene "Sometimes you just got to know that someones got your back, you don't have to go it alone just 'cause you have in the past", even from those opening few lines, the listener and the singer build an empathy, we may be thinking of completely different relationships but that bond has been made. When at the end of the verse Christine implores "Lean on me lean on me" you can hear the passion in her voice as she sings it.

The song lifts even further with the chorus as Christine has to rapidly fire out the words "I'm never to far away, i'll be there when you say you want me by your side" to get them to fit. It's a chorus that gently effortlessly eases along.

The crux of the song is summed up in the bridge, where your help is what frees others from their particular angst or issue where "On those rainy nights i'll be your blue sky baby so you can let your sun shine", It's undoubtedly a feel good song and just the message to send out in these current times.

One other unfortunate thing that could not have been forseen in January would have been the passing of Bill Withers who is synonymous with the phrase "Lean On Me" oft repeated throughout the song, I'm sure he'd be pleased that someone is still preaching that same message in a new song.

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