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  • Chris Farlie

Christine Parker - Ocean Of You / I Surrender

There are some songs that need little more than a few notes to grab your attention and it was the piano intro to "Ocean Of You" that has led us into the world of Christine Parker and it is a rather wonderful place to be!

"Ocean Of You" is at first glance deceptively simple, a beautiful piece of piano playing, some synth strings and the minimum of electronica making the perfect backing for Christine to lay a dreamy hypnotic vocal onto.

It is a love song pure and simple and we are left in no doubt about that from the opening couplet "You've got my heart racing - don't need no persuading".

The "Ocean" in the title gives Christine a chance to skillfully weave lots of water references into the lyrics that can also double up as applying to a relationship from the early request to "sweep me away tonight". to being "in deep" or "Riding on the ebb and flow". Co written with Selby Copeland this is a wonderfully clever piece of songwriting. Christine's voice has a lovely quality to it, at times almost smokey on the verses while being siren like on the chorus that really lure you in.

Lure us a very apt word as once you enter the world of Christine Parker it is very hard to escape as you keep unearthing more and more little gems in her catalogue. Her previous single "I Surrender" also written with Selby Copeland is similarly atmospheric slightly more uptempo but equally engaging. It is then but a short leap to 2016's "Between You & Me" EP with a more guitar based sound and that is just scraping the surface as she has been releasing material since 2012 - so although we may be a little late to the party there's never been a better time to get acquainted with Christine Parker.

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