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  • Chris Farlie

Chloe Chadwick - Your Fire

One of the surprising and most welcome resurgences of 2023 was the return of Chloe Chadwick - after 2017's excellent Dustbowl Jukebox, things had gone a little quiet and she had slipped off our radar, but a storming comeback EP, and some live shows including a short but memorable one at The 100 Club have seen her stock rising once more.

This year looks set to continue that run with a slot at C2C 2024 and now a new single in the shape of "Your Fire". Reunited with Matt and Tom Bishop the team that produced her excellent last single "Shoot To Run", this new single continues the rich vein of writing form that Chloe currently finds herself in and it gets wrapped in a punchy pop production that brings out the best of her talents.

Inspiration for this one is quite personal as Chloe trawls through her personal love life both good and bad, and from it's initial infancy, through to the most recent

The earliest memories come in the first verse, accompanied by light percussion and jangly guitars, Chloe captures the exuberance of youth, when everything is ahead of you and the possibilities are endless, with only the last line hinting at clouds on the horizon

"When I was young I thought love was a bottomless well

Flipped a coin, heads or tails will it be heaven or hell

My favourite drug, I was hooked on love in a spell

The nights were filled with passion & our innocent bodies were craving romance like we were fed up of parties

Yeah we had everything to live for, then my heart fell to pieces on the floor".

The lead up to the chorus sees the song totally change in tone, the overall sound gets punchy with the drums adding bite and Chloe's backing vocals adding to the overall atmosphere

"I’ve been chewed up, messed around, like I was the joker in my hometown"

The chorus itself sees Chloe bring things forward to now, delivering her self assured vocals with a passion, over a powerful Americana country tune welded to a copper bottomed pure pop chorus. The guitars are now much more forthright and the percussion powerful.

"I thought I was done, with love, I couldn’t face another heart-break song

But then you came along with the first day of spring and like a burning desire, you lit me up with your fire"

The title of the tune is "Your Fire" and it is Chloe acknowledging that this new enthusiasm, this zest for life has reinvigorated her in all ways!. The title may be "Your Fire" however it is definitely Chloe who is on fire at the moment.

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