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  • Chris Farlie

Chloe Chadwick - Soulmate

The last time we crossed paths with Chloe Chadwick was at Buckle & Boots on the Paddock Stage - where Chloe and her band used every second of their allotted time to deliver one of the best sets of the weekend not wasting a single second.

She's back with a new single and attempting one of the hardest things to pull off and that is a happy joyful song,

It opens with a solid back beat and a prominent lead guitar and is very much a song of 2 halves - the before and after meeting your "Soulmate". Lyrically the opening verse may not be uplifting but as the saying goes the darkest hour comes before the dawn and they paint a picture of someone in despair, questioning where they are and where they are going and not necessarily liking the answers

"I was feeling the pressures, I was getting older

My thoughts ran colder, everyday running away from myself

Getting carried away with my health

It just wasn’t me - I was slipping further away"

Contrast that with the feelings of elation felt when you find your "soulmate"

"But in the darkness, she rescued me like a breath of fresh air, she helped me to see

All the wonders, I see through her eyes, she gives me strength to succeed"

The chorus is testament to the wonders of unbridled joy - where Chloe's vocals soften, taking on a dream like quality as she revels in her current situation.

"And she’s all mine - she’s all I ever wanted, all I ever needed

She’s all mine - she’s all I ever wanted, never knew I needed"

With an EP to follow including a live launch in Stoke on August 17th - Things are definitely on the up for Chloe

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