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  • Chris Farlie

Charlie Worsham feat Luke Combs - How I Learned To Pray

As highlighted on his recent support slot with Ward Thomas, Charlie Worsham's latest project is both a look forwards and a look backwards as a song from his old catalogue and ones recently previewed get visited by celebrity friends that he has made along the way.

You can't hep but feel that this project is more for raising Charlie's profile with our US friends as his UK status remains undiminished, The recent Barbican show highlighted the affection in which he was held with all cd's being sold out before he even reached London, and handwritten lyrics flying out as fast as he could write them. The UK crowd especially the London contingent not forgetting the night he gave away an early copy of his second album to everyone at a bespoke London show.

"How I Learned To Pray" is the first of five collaborations that will make up the "Compadres" EP with contributions from Lainey Wilson, Kip Moore, Elle Kind and Dierks Bentley to follow. Produced by The Cadillac Three front man Jaren Johnston, it is Luke Combs, in a very softly sung performance that takes the first verse. There is definitely something strange about hearing someone else sing these lines, a bit like someone covering Jenn Bostic's "Jealous Of The Angels", it takes a few moments to adjust. Charlie takes the second verse and it is interesting to hear the change in his voice, a little deeper, a little richer, maybe the singing is technically better, showing how he's developed over the years, yet unmistakably he anchors the song with that extra touch of reality - it is after all "How HE leaned to pray!"

The outro has some dreamy guitar work from Charlie that also helps this version stand up in its own right. When all is said and done,this is a fine version, and if having the likes of Luke Combs and Lainey Wilson playing on "Compadres" elevates Charlie to where he should surely be, then all the better, however if you are coming to this track having never heard of Charlie Worsham before, do yourself a favour and seek out the original - you will be richly rewarded.

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