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  • Chris Farlie

Canaan Cox - Hate Me More

The inbox at #TEAMw21 is regularly hit with details of new singles but few catch our interest like the one hailing the upcoming release from Canaan Cox, for not many come with the announcement of a UK tour including a prestigious night in June at London's Bush Hall. For a man with currently only an EP and a clutch of singles to his name this seems something of a bold statement of intent although he does have a large Tik Tok reach apparently.

Musically the new single "Hate Me More" comes in 2 distinct parts, the verses have a funky sort of guitar sound along with the de rigeur atmospherics and a tinny drum machine sound in the background while the chorus in comparison bursts into life with real drums and a heavier electric guitar sound in something of an anthemic belter.

In essence it's a simple break up song and we find Canaan in a somewhat tortured state

"Your sweat shirts in the closet - can't bring myself to wash it - it smells like you"

The chorus is one being played out across the world by jilted men everywhere, at least this one does come with a degree of self awareness and analysis - although it hardly excuses the bravado of the opening line.

"I tell everyone I hate you - got everybody in this town fooled

I tell everyone I hate you - but the truth is I hate me more

Because I can't stop loving you"

It could prove to be the moment at Bush Hall that sees phones in the air being waved back at Canann as he passionately pleads his case from the stage - time will tell.

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