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  • Chris Farlie

C2C 2023 Review: Two Ways Home - The ICON Stage

Having heralded their long overdue invite to C2C, #TEAMw21 were firmly in place to catch the second show from Two Ways Home at the ICON Stage.

Opening proceedings with a "Hello O2 Arena" Two Ways Hpme were clearly here to enjoy themselves even adding a third way home in the shape of guitarist Michael Clancy to just add that little bit extra to the overall sound.

WIth Isy doubling up on tambourine and shaker this was in many ways classic TWH, a jaunty rhythm, with the harmonies between Lewis and Isy a delight.

If nothing else the show was a reminder of just how many classic singles Two Ways Home have under their belt - "Waiting On Luck", being a good example,with Isy on mandolin,TWH made full use of being able to have triple harmonies for a change and whether knowing or not Isy and Lewis seemed to be swaying in sympathy with each other as they played.

Another single from 2022, "Polaroid Kids" saw Isy move to holding the microphone in her hand while Lewis laid down a subtle acoustic intro

"We'll never get old but we sure are getting vintage"

There was even time to slip in a little slice of Lady A.

Things at this point could have gone a little awry with Lewis's guitar dying onstage, but with fellow UK American group O&O onlooking - it was a case of Obadiah to the rescue allowing the show to carry on almost seamlessly.

For the current single "Signals In The Smoke" there was a chance for TWH to really inhabit the characters in the song - and they were to be found looking at at each other as they sang to really reinforce the feelings in the lyrics.

There was a chance for more vintage TWH, with the song that has lit up many a "Round Up", "Push and Pull" and matched with a singalong crowd and Michael's additional guitar - this version was joyful. Things were to close iwth "Broken Hearts Club" a final chance foe the twin guitar, mandolin line up let loose on this glorious bit of uptempo pop country. It may have been more than a little overdue but Two Ways Home really made the most of their C2C visit.

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