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  • Chris Farlie

Buckle & Boots 2023: Paddock Stage - Two Ways Home

There was a slight mismatch in B&B policies between the two stages as Two Ways Home prepared to open their set on the Paddock Stage. With the Main Stage overrunning slightly they were told to kick off exactly on time - even though a large number of the people that would eventually move across to the Paddock Stage were watching the final moments of Main Stage action - not sure a 2 minute delay would have hurt that much . It meant that many may have missed the opening of "The Closest Stranger" but they were certainly in place to see its final notes played out as the tent duly filled to capacity.

Moving on to one of their most recent singles "Polaroid Kids" about time passing and getting older or "getting vintage" as Two Way Home put it - by segueing into Lady A's "Need You Now" the tent all but erupted as one.

Much hilarity followed with the news that "Push & Pull" has been added to somebody's birthing list - With Isy donning her mandolin this is one of those songs that guarantees to get the party atmosphere well under way with some crowd participation.

Isy somewhat teased the crowd by saying that no-one knew who performed the next song - For a few moments #TEAMw21 imagined some old blues number originally written by someone with a prefix "Blind Willie" or "Mississippi" - we certainly weren't ready for a version of John Farnham's "The Voice" - As it turned out nearly everyone in the tent seemed to know who it was by - they also all appeared to know all the words and once again the Paddock Stage was a virtual choir.

The prominent guitar intro from Lewis and Isy's tambourine announced the arrival of "Just For Now" with it's relentlessly upbeat chorus. Moving on to one of their most life affirming lyrics "Waiting On Luck" with its message that you are in control of your own destiny. It saw Isy once again don her mandolin, on a song where the vocals between Two Ways Home neatly wrapped around each other and offered Isy the chance to hit a big extended note towards the end - it really showed them to be the ultimate good time band.

Things would close out with the punchy "Broken Hearts Club" with the assembled crowd offered one final chance to join in on backing vocals - which they naturally took.

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