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  • Chris Farlie

Brooke Law - Help Me

Hot from two great performances in October at Bush Hall and The Slaughtered Lamb is Brooke Law with her latest single "Help Me". Anyone who saw either show would have seen her playing solo but this time time the lady on the cover sitting on a wall wearing her Janis Joplin t-shirt is ready to rock!

From the off there is a great combination of throbbing bass and a solid drum back beat. Brooke soon joins in

"Runaway boy, runaway son

Didn't want to worry about anyone

Feeding yourself, loving yourself

Spending every Christmas in the lonesome sun"

The lyrics are quite specific and aimed at a returning wanderer.

A slightly spaced out guitar enters the fray, as Brooke poses the questions in a genteel concerned voice

"How does it feel after seven years on your own?

How does it feel , after seven years coming back home?"

Before both she and the band rock out into the chorus

"Help me to help you see what's going on - what's going on

Help me to help you be the one you want - the one you want"

There's certainly a peculiar dynamic in this potential relationship, one carefree while the other is the polar opposite.

It finds Brooks playing the mediator trying to find the common ground.

"When you wake up in the morning - and you fell a little sorry for yourself - I still want you

I love it when you go to sleep and you don't ever worry - you know I do"

The full band combo on this number really shows Brooke's rocking side off at it's best yet with all the bravura there's also a little touch of vulnerability certainly in the first half of the next line before her intonation rises to take us into the chorus once more.

"How can we figure out our lives? - cos I want you in mine"

The blistering intensity builds only to end suddenly with Brooke pleading "I want you to help me"

Destined for bigger things in 2024 - catch her while you can!

Her ever growing legion of fans "The Outlaws" may also get a little surprise if they were at her recent Water Rats show as they may well feature in the accompanying live action video.

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