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  • Chris Farlie

Brian Collins - The Finer Things

The undoubted highlight of Kezia Gill's recent UK tour ( apart from Kezia herself of course ) was the long awaited emergence of Brian Collins. Each night Brian along with guitarist Rockwell Jacobs would get things off to a cracking start, well and truly warming up the audience. For many that was an introduction to Brian and next week C2C is going to be the platform for a whole new set of fans to get to listen to him.

To celebrate this landmark appearance he has a new single out in the shape of "The Finer Things". Brian is nothing if not versatile and this single sees him laying down a silky smooth vocal over a classic piece of Country soul music. With the assistance of musicians such as Daniel de Los Reyes from Zac Brown Band on percussion, Charles Judge who has played keys for Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart plus Gerry Hanson (drummer for Shawn Mullins) they have managed to create a sound that just delicately caresses your ear drums and seduces you into submission.

It's the combination of the percussion, Rockwell's guitar work that just edges to the front of the mix at the right moments and that glorious organ sound from Charles that make for this heady cocktail.

The song itself finds Brian questioning what are the finer things in life? - deciding that having a loving partner to share whatever you have with is about as good as it gets.

"I just get by paying my bills, don't drive no fancy car, no house on the hill

Don't need no top shelf whiskey or wine, cos I got your heart baby,

You're all mine"

Brian is able to weave in what might traditionally be called finer things into his descriptions of his true love, just to give the proceedings a little extra class.

"You're Dom Perignon going straight to my head

Those diamonds in your eyes, Tiffany blue

It's priceless what we've got, me and you"

There's even room for a little lyrical joke in the brdge

"Our pockets may be empty but we're living so rich

I feel like the luckiest son of a ....."

but Brian is already into the chorus before any risk of profanity!

Pretty much as good it gets from the opening bars to the closing shake of the tambourine.

'Finer Things' is available to presave now

You can catch Brian performing across the weekend at the times below -

Saturday 11th March at 11:50am - The Barrelhouse at Town Square

Saturday 11th March at 2:20pm - The Wayside stage

Sunday 12th March at 11:00am - The Big Entrance stage

Sunday 12th Marchat 1:40pm - Icon stage

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