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  • Chris Farlie

Bree Doster - Steal My Summer

Unleashing our favourite summer tune of 2020 so far comes Bree Doster with a slice of perfect pop to bring a little light and normality into the world. Bree has been a firm favourite on #TEAMw21 playlist with her previous releases and this one seems certain to follow in their path.

Musically it lands like a slightly edgier Fleetwood Mac in their pop prime, no fake click tracks here, just a steady back beat and delicious guitar sounds that go together to make a silky smooth finish.

Even the subject matter of an unexpected liaison seems purpose built to lift the global gloom. Initially we find Bree explaining that "Last night I wasn't looking for someone to wrap me up in a jacket on a pier but you did".

The rest of the song sees Bree offering the chance to relive the experience "Let's pick it back up ain't ready to pack up" and more across the summer months. Bree's vocals perfectly carry that feeling of wanting to recapture a special moment again and when she sings "Don't you want to steal my summer?" it would surely be hard to refuse.

It is a simple infatuation song and if for a few moments we are all returned to how things used to be, that can surely be no bad thing. It is definitely a superior summer tune that will take some bettering.

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